Thursday, 1 December 2011

Got the bug!

Not flu! The writing bug: I can't get enough of the world I've made over the past 4-5 months (although the premise has been in my head for years). I go to sleep thinking about the story. I have dreams about the characters and what could happen to them. I wake up with parts of stories pieced together randomly then I sort through them during the day. It's crazy. Already I am thinking of ways to broaden and deepen the various threads left at the end of Drawn Breath. I am moving in the way of making a novel/novella focusing on one of the main characters whilst in parallel looking at a character several thousands years before (I'll leave it at that). It will expand on several of the themes that run through Drawn Breath: warlike man, advanced consciousness, science and mysticism, sanity and insanity. I haven't even released Wrought Iron yet and I'm thinking about a prequel!

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