Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Smashwords Premium Distribution

As of 13/12/2011 the first part of my book has been conducted into the Smashwords premium distribution. This means my book will be shipped to major online retailers: Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith, the Diesel eBook store and more. The time it takes to actually appear in stores is a bit in the air (within two weeks of acceptance into the Premium catalogue) but I am happy, because the process was fairly straight forward and my book got accepted in exactly a week with no hassle.

The key thing, for anyone wishing to upload onto Smashwords and get onto the Premium Catalogue is to READ THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDE AND USE IT FOR EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BOOK. Again READ THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDE AND USE IT FOR EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BOOK. It can be found on the Smashwords website. It really does not take that long, dedicate a few hours out of your weekend to working through it then once you have got it, you ill not forget it. Granted it is easier for people who have experience with Word or Open Office or formatting large pieces of writing in general. But if you stick to it, you will not get any AutoVetter errors, your book will be fast-tracked to getting looked at and you WILL be put into the premium catalogue. It is easier for books with little to no images aside from the front cover. The main issue for me was paragraphs, but this is easily solved using the nuclear method (which you will read about in the style guide). Ultimately, Smashwords really does make it easy for you to format and they want you to be on the Premium Catalogue, but it does take patience to get it right.

So now that my first book is up on Amazon and soon to be at other ebook retailers I am going to release the second part this week, hopefully this evening, which will be called Amelack Somatres. It is the last part that will be free. I am going to put up the blurb in the next post. Until then...

Stay Calm And Write (SCAW)

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