Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hold's Ruin Blurb!

I really want to upload all four parts on Amazon and save the finale (Seralruhn) for a little while so here's the blurb for the penultimate volume of Drawn Breath:

A convergence of powers draws near. The Orphans have amassed their strength and seek reprisal through their unorthodox and frightening guerrilla methods. The number one mass consumed drug of Hhaam, Lasserie faces extinction as beneath its fertile soil is the seething fury of the Meishma, but will the paramilitary drug cartel known as Forma allow such a terrible fate to befall their super-crop? Hold's investments now appear to be turning toxic and the backlash from years of ruthless dominance could shatter the fiefdom...forever. The Lords of Hold ever observe, will they after so long, finally draw out their blades and plunge into war? Can the combined forces of the Meishma and the Bh'ar'zel withstand the venom of the sovereign and rise triumphant? All the pieces are set, terrifyingly close to the brink, the world watches on in horror. It only takes one shudder to bring they everything hold dear into ruin. Hold's Ruin is the penultimate volume of the epic fantasy novel Drawn Breath.

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