Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Amelack Somatres & Orphans On KDP Select for Free!

So after much trepidation, observing and lurking on Kindle Boards, I bit the bait and I will put the second and third parts of Drawn Breath on KDP Select. What will entail is a five day period out of the 90 days of exclusivity where both will be completely free. The first part will still be available on Smashwords and all the other competitive e-book retailers for free. So Amelack Somatres (available for free from 12:00 AM PST 28/12/2011) and Orphans (soon to be scheduled) can be found below, respectively:

This is a simple experiment to see if KDP Select will benefit me in anyway. As I am a fledgling author, my main goal at this moment is visibility and gaining a readership. This is probably the best mode at the moment that is free and relatively transparent. Exclusivity I have no issue with as I have three other books that are available for SW, BN iTunes etc. distribution. I see this as an opportunity in an exciting time where a lot of people will be on Amazon looking to fill up their Kindles (granted they will definitely fill them with authors they know first). And 90 days in the span of a book's lifetime is small, plus you can opt out after that time and they remind you 15 days in advance.

I haven't jumped ship, nor was I lured by the $500,000 carrot (in fact that is what enticed me the least) nor am I being conscripted to this "Evil Empire" many indies are now dreaming up. This is a labour of love but it is also a business and I would like to see if my books can be successful, this is one of several business opportunities that are to come in these emerging times, so why not if you have other material still to come, test the waters a little.


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