Monday, 28 November 2011

Book Covers!

My book is divided into five parts Part I - Wrought Iron, Part II - Amelack Somatres (Black Blades), Part III - Orphans, Part IV - Hold's Ruin and Part V - Seralruhn (Blood Sight). Here are the covers for each part which I made using GIMP. I am not aiming to make typical fantasy or science fiction covers as I think the formula has been exhausted. I simply want to convey a picture that is open to interpretation and does not allow the potential reader to form an immediate prejudice. This of course is a gamble and could alienate genre readers, but I would rather just use a picture I like and a font that is suitable than a big image with swords and dragons and flames. I hope that a reader will have one opinion before reading the book of the cover and then a completely different one after possibly linked to the story itself.

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