Monday, 13 February 2012

Drawn Breath Part V: Seralruhn (Blood Sight) - Blurb

This is a rough blurb:

The empire has been crippled. The populace has been evacuated, the streets are deserted and the sky weeps. Rebel forces condense around the blackened heart of Hold, yet a terrifying arsenal lies at the disposal of the maniacal Lords. Assassins move on the global platform, lives blink out of existence. Deadly narcotic forms seize populations. Wanton violence escalates. It is the time of war and the promised time of great pain for an empire in its death throes. The players in the power shift assume their positions and prepare: Amo and Suun, following their childhood dream under the banner of the Bh'ar'zel drive straight for the heart of Hold - finally wielding their black blades; Baran and Sima as the Commanders of Meishma-no hold the perimeter of the dark chalice, unaware of the horrors awaiting, Roan and Caral using the hellish talent of their Meishma force plot something to bring the Lords of Hold to their knees. What these Allied Forces may not have reckoned with is the sheer power of the Lords of Hold. Will El Shega reveal why he possesses the evil pseudonym of Blood Star? Will the undefeated Shul Renega finally step back on the battlefield with his fearsome Amelack Somatre? And what earth-shattering secrets lie deep within the core of the insane reality they created? It will take the blood of soldiers in rivers to see the truth, although none may not be prepared to bear witness. Seralruhn (Blood Sight) is the final part of the epic fantasy novel - Drawn Breath.

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