Sunday, 16 October 2011

First Blog Entry!

Testing, testing, one two one two. Is this thing on? Time to spill the dark depths of my mind out onto the internets. This blog will be mostly about what interests me: Books, Music, Film, Science, Programming, Sport and Training. So if any of these make you sigh happily or go "me too!" feel free to follow. I am also in the midst of writing my first novel, which I intend to self published before this years out (title not disclosed yet) so progress will also be chronicled here (90,000 words so far!) as well as excerpts to whet your appetite. Stay tuned.



  1. Hi Soofy! Welcome to the blogging world- i'm fairly new myself :-)

    Good look with your novel, i'm interested in seeing what you've come up with...

    Stop by my blog when you get the chance and please let me know when you post something new on your writing progress.